A more “Natural” painting in Photoshop

Digging up some more old paintings in Photoshop again. This painting reminds me why I love Photoshop. I remember this one was rather quick to paint. Having to paint only the profile of a face without any hands really made it simple. Though I generally like to include the hands in an artwork as they are extremely expressive. But even without the hands in this painting, the curvature of the pose gave it a lot of expression I think. I decided to fade her left arm and hip area into the background to create more contrast with the sharp rim lighting on her right side. This helps to focus your eyes on her curvature. Might be a futile attempt though, as I know your eyes are too fixated on her boobs.

I thought I show this older painting since the previous post was about how stiff and digital a Photoshop painting can be. This one is quite the opposite.

Please click on the images for a larger view. This too will be available for download at full resolution if you want it.

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