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Lou Ferrigno Retro Hulk Sketch and the Effects of the Fixative Spray

I would hate to leave a sketch unfinished, so I spent a little more time on this Hulk sketch and now I can call it done. Please click on it for a larger image. What I wanted to briefly talk … Continue reading

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The Hulk Lou Ferrigno Sketch – Achieving an Artistic Look on Shadow Areas

Hi everyone. I wanted to record a video showing a quick sketch of Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk. I had placed my video camera above me and the drawing. Only after I have finished recording what I wanted to show, … Continue reading

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Sherry Jackson as Andreas – Women of Star Trek The Original Series Illustration

I finally got this Andreas (Sherry Jackson) drawing up. It usually takes a little bit of time to get a drawing ready for display. I need to spray the drawing with fixative, scan the drawing, then cleanup the scan in … Continue reading

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Klingon Suzie Plakson Illustration – Using a Mask in Photoshop for Artistic Look

I had an urge to do quick sketch of a Klingon women (don’t ask why), so I decide to draw Klingon Ambassador K’Ehleyr played by Suzie Plakson. Well, the sketch turned out horrible! It usually happens when I try to … Continue reading

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Make 3D Prints at Home with MakerBot Replicator!

I was reading the current issue of Fast Company on my Kindle and came across an article about this MakerBot Replicator. For about $1800, you can have your own 3d printer! After going through the website, this replicator looks like … Continue reading

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