Andrea (Sherry Jackson) – Women of Star Trek TOS – Illustration In Progress

This drawing seems to be coming along. I have added some elements to this drawing that I did not anticipate at the start. So I figure I will share with you my thought process as it developed.

I was originally attracted to this pose for her because it shows off her unique and sexy uniform. But one of the issues I had was her right arm being rather dull just hanging there. So I played with the suspenders on the back and decided to have it detached and free flowing. This allowed me to use one of the suspenders to break up the arm. Then I was able to break it up even more by showing some mechanical parts in her arm. She is an android after-all. Now I think I have all the elements I need to make this one into a decent drawing.

This is a process in drawing that I really enjoy because it is spontaneous. These elements would not have been part of the final drawing had there not been these problems. I find the process of problem solving is what ultimately makes it a better drawing for me. I suppose you can come up with different comps prior to starting. That would work too. For me, I like the spontaneity of it. Once I have an initial idea that I like, I will dive right in, then figure things out as I go. Fun stuff.

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