Make 3D Prints at Home with MakerBot Replicator!

I was reading the current issue of Fast Company on my Kindle and came across an article about this MakerBot Replicator. For about $1800, you can have your own 3d printer! After going through the website, this replicator looks like a consumer grade 3D printer. The current model can print at about a size of a loaf of bread, which is quite large. The resolution seems rather low though. You’ll need a lot of sanding to get it smooth. It uses ABS plastic which is an inexpensive material. Buyers seems to be using this as a tool to just have fun with. They are making everyday objects, like toothbrush holders, camera lens hood, gears, little toy figurines, etc.

I would be interested in this for outputting my 3D statues. Again, the resolution seems low, and it would be a sanding nightmare to make a clean prototype. If that is even possible with their current resolution. But it would be fun to be able to instantly have a 3D mock-up print of your model. I would love to use this to make cool toys for my kids, like little toy robots! It just opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

Click on the image above and it will take you to their MakerBot site. You can check it out yourself. Their front page has a good intro video by their co-founder and CEO Bre Pettis. He’s got this mad genius look.

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