My Essential Tools for Drawing and Sketching

Hi everyone! Finally got around to doing some intro videos that I was always planning on doing. I got under the weather last week and finally got my voice back. So for starters, these are videos on my drawing tools. This is currently what I am using for all my sketches.

The videos are split up into 3 parts as it turned out to be longer than I had anticipated after shooting and editing. The videos and a summary of each is below.

These intro videos are somewhat basic, but nonetheless very important, especially if you are just starting out. And even if have been drawing for awhile, there are probably tips in there that you can try out. There is always something you can learn from your fellow artist. So I hope you find them helpful. And please do share any comments or tips that you might have of your own below.
Part 1 – Pencils HB, 2B, 4B, 5B. My primary pencils. The HB is for general sketching and outlines, plus some shading. The 2B is for in and around the midtone. I use the 4B for the dark areas, and the 5B for very dark areas. Set of Two, Dull and Sharp. Always have a set of each grade, a dull one and a sharp one. This allows me to switch back and forth quickly between the two depending on what my needs are.
Part 2 – Pencil Extensions. Use this to make your pencils longer and more powerful=). Mechanical Lead Holders. An alternative to wood pencils. Save money over the long term as leads are less expensive then wood pencils.
Part 3 – Kneaded Erasers. Intro and how to use them. Dab into paper to lift the lead instead of rubbing. Electronic Erasers. Use this to get sharp and clean highlights.

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