Why Do People Love Drawing Eyes?

Drawing the Beautiful Eye

Step by Step Drawing of the Human EyeWhat is this fascination with drawing eyes? There are probably thousands of tutorials out there on how to draw an eye. So I decided to sketch one too, just to see what it is all about. I’ve sketched eyes before but that was long time ago. My most recent sketch of a large eye was on my Anime Face Drawing.

I think people have a fascination with eyes is because when drawn correctly, it is a thing of beauty. The eye’s gaze is very expressive, and it tells all. We all love to look into and be mesmerized by a beautiful eye. And I think it is that attraction that draws people into drawing eyes. We are so accustomed to staring into eyes that even a drawing of an eye will garner that attention and reaction.

The eye is a simple thing to draw. There is no repetition, you only need to draw one eye and you are done. You don’t need to worry about shadows much. Just make sure you use an Electric Eraser to get some sharp and clean highlights. The eye needs to sparkle, or else it will look dead. The iris reflects the environment, so you can make it however you like. You can make the pupil large or small, it is still attractive either way. But don’t make it too small or else it will look like she is Hulking Out. And lastly, don’t draw the eyebrows, because if you make it too dark, it might start looking like Charlie Chaplin.

So that is it. Now I have an eye drawing too. It gets to be lumped into the millions and millions of eye drawings out there.



How to Draw the Eye

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