TOS Andreas (Sherry Jackson) Drawing in Color

Sometimes I just can’t leave my drawings alone! One thing that bothered me with my Women of Star Trek Andreas drawing was that it lacked some likeness to Sherry Jackson. Something about the eyes in the sketch that did not look like her. So I decided to paint it up in Photoshop. This painting was a little more involved. I started with the same process in Photoshop with my sketch, color, and multiply layers as mentioned in my previous quick coloring post. Once I have that, I keep refining it until it looks painterly.

Now that the face of Andreas is painted, it is looking a lot more like Sherry Jackson. I didn’t want to paint up the whole drawing so I composited the color version over the sketch with a mask and gave it some design element. It’s probably more interesting this way. Who knows, maybe I will modify it in the future. You always have that option with digital paintings in Photoshop.

Star Trek Original Series Sherry Jackson as Andreas Drawing with Photoshop Coloring

Star Trek Original Series Sherry Jasckon as Andreas Colored CloseUp in PhotoshopHere is the actual resolution that I painted it at in Photoshop. You can click on it to see it larger. It is relatively low res for a painting. But I don’t intend to print it so the resolution is sufficient. If it was for print, I would at least double the resolution. That would allow me to paint in more details especially in the eyes. The last thing you want is a blurring looking eye in a print. Anyhow…

I think I can finally put this piece to rest now. It finally looks like the Sexy Sherry Jackson as Andreas! It now feels complete!

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