Avengers Captain America Movie Drawing

Captain America Drawings Avengers MovieI was able to watch the Avengers movie over the weekend and it motivated me to do this drawing of Captain America. It’s with his old movie uniform and not the one from the Avengers. His Avengers uniform looked a little too sleek. I thought the padding and straps on the previous Captain America uniform was pretty cool.

You have probably seen this post many times already. This was referenced from one of Captain America’s movie posters. Just add a little artistic element and I can call it my own.

The final image here has been touched up in Photoshop. I’ll be posting a short video of the drawing soon. I wasn’t planning on doing a video on it as it was a spur of the moment thing. But then it started to look promising so I set up the camera and took some footage. Unfortunately, the process of setting the video camera up and having it over me was distracting and killed my momentum. I still can’t get over the feeling that I’m being watched as I’m sketching, and that makes me think about my strokes too much. If you are an artist out there with the same issue, let me know how you can overcome that. I want get over being so “camera shy” with my drawings. Here is a couple of snapshots from the video.

Avengers Captain America Drawing Video Sketch

Hope you like this, -Wei

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