Animation for Pouchy Pals

Week is winding down and let me show you what I have been working on these past couple of days. It’s a little different from all the drawing and statue stuff here, but nonetheless, it is part of what I do. I did a little animation for my wife’s pet project, Pouchy Pals. She started it earlier this year and we have always talked about making a video for it. Pouchy Pals are cute little stuff animals plushies that are customized to each individual child. They are extremely cute and kids just adore them. Check out these customized cute animal plushies.

The video is an intro to Pouchy Pals. The little girl in there is my daughter, Kaylen. I had to put on my coaching hat to get her to do the expressions. She is so adorable. I have two other smaller ones, both boys. You can imagine the racket in my house sometimes=). But it’s all good, I have learned to do what I need to do despite of all the noise….well, sometimes.

Anyhow, check it out. You need some cute stuff in your life once in awhile. It will put a smile to your face, guaranteed. The jingle was created by Watkins Lam of MusicSense. I love the music. Enjoy, -Wei

If you or someone you know like this stuff, check out the site, www.Pouchy, and pass it along. It will bring a smile to the kid for sure.

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