My Drafting Table and Lighting Setup

I am probably pickier than others when it comes to work areas. I need my drawing area and lighting just right. For the table I have the Safco Precision Drafting Table with a 60″ table top. That cost me about $700 in Costco. That’s the most I have spent on a drafting table, but well worth the price if you want a professional working area for your art creations. There’s nothing like a large flat area for drawing. The metal frame is extremely sturdy, which is another important requirement for a workstation. I like to stand when I draw so I raised the table up with some plastic extension legs from IKEA.

Safco Drafting Table with Lighting Setup for DrawingI bought this drafting table less than two years ago, and the only regret I have is not getting it sooner. Having a nice drawing area has definitely made me draw more as I am able to just step into it and start drawing without any additional setup. It enables me to transfer my ideas or sparks of inspiration into paper immediately. I also like to keep my work area clear; less clutter means less distraction. But I do reserve an area for displaying my latest statue for my collection.

Work Area Lighting
This is the current light setup for my drawing area. The main light is a large hanging light that I got at IKEA for $15. I use a CFL bulb that is equivalent to a 150 watt bulb. I have two hooks on the ceiling that allows me to hang the light and maneuver the light as needed. Setting it anywhere from 1 to 2 feet over my head, I have the light directed into the wall for a nice soft bounce light effect. Then I have two regular swing arm lamps that that serves as fill lights to eliminate any harsh shadows. Everything is just right for now.


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