Drawing Manga – Anime Faces

Looking at my old anime watercolor paintings reminded me of how I use to love drawing manga. I grew up watching anime, and loved drawing those sexy female characters. It was difficult for me draw back then. The proportions and foreshortening is very tricky on anime faces. It’s a lot easier for me now as I am a better artist today. Having said that, I think my improvement comes from the fact that I have modeled quite a few 3D anime faces earlier in my career in 3D graphics. That allowed me to better visualize the shapes in my head. And the more accurately you are able to visualize it in your head, the better you can translate that to paper.

There is a popular series of manga drawing books titled How To Draw Manga. I use to carry some of them in my eBay store. This How to Draw Manga series has countless volumes, covering every aspect of manga drawing. But seriously, you don’t need any specific training to draw manga, you just have to know how to draw. And people tend to think that manga is easier to draw because of its simple lines and shapes. But don’t be fooled by their simplistic style, they are difficult to draw, like anything else.

Here is a quick video of my manga sketches.

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