Logitech USB Desktop Microphone For My Videos

I recently bought this Logitech USB Desktop Microphone after fiddling around with some crappy $2 lapel mic from eBay. Not only was the sound quality bad on the lapel mic, but it stopped working soon after. That was probably a good thing. So I went to Amazon and got myself a Logitech mic for under $20. I need a microphone in order to make videos for this site and also a new site that I am developing. This new site, which will be announced later, will have a massive amount of tutorials. I needed higher quality sound and most importantly, dependability. Here’s my review of the Logitech USB Desktop Microphone.

Logitech Desktop USB Microphone with Packaging

USB Connection

First off, I had no idea they had USB microphones=). When I’ve learned of it, it was a no-brainer. My laptop has the microphone jack on the right side, which is where I put my Wacom tablet. With the jack plugged in, I had to move my tablet out to make room for the connection. With the USB conenction, I have it everyone on my laptop, so finding a unobtrusive connection was easy.

Microphone Construction and Sound Quality

Logitech Desktop USB Microphone Placed on LaptopThe Logitech USB Desktop Microphone is fairly light weight; about the weight of a wireless mouse. The wide base makes the mic sturdy. It sits nicely on my laptop during my recordings. The mic stands about 8 inches tall and can pivot at the base. The pivoting feature is a big plus because you can point it toward you no matter how you sit. It also has a power button so you can save energy when it is not in use.

To my ears, the recordings sounds great. I’m not an audio junkie so I can’t tell you exactly what the quality is compared to anything else. But it does sound a hell of a lot better then the $2 lapel mic that I got. That probably isn’t saying much though. I am surprised at how well it cuts out the background and surrounding noise.

Logitech Desktop USB Microphone on Foam Piece to Dampen NoiseWhen I did some recording test, I noticed that there were some rumbling noise being picked up. Since the mic was placed directly on my laptop, it was actually picking up the hard-drive noise. I placed a piece a of foam between them and that did the trick.

For $20, I can’t be happier with this mic. It got rid of the frustrations that I was having with my lapel mic. Now I can just concentrate on creating videos and not having to keep adjusting to the equipment. This is a great microphone if you are making video tutorials. And you gotta go with a USB connection. Check out more reivews –> Logitech USB Desktop Microphone


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