2011 Comic-con Photos

Comic-con 2012 is next week and I’ll be attending as a retailer this year. Comic-con has become a mad house of late. Tickets sells out a year in advance. It’s rather ridiculous. I use to attend as a professional while working in the film industry. For the past couple of years, I’ve been going through Diamond Comics instead since they take care of the registration process, so it’s hassle free. Anyhow, thought I post some Comic-con photos from last year. Below are some of my highlights. I think you can tell what I’ll be taking photos of this year=). Seeing new toys are great, but seriously, we go for the hotties and sexy cosplays. Click on the thumbnails for full image.

Sexy Woman in Captain America Costume with ShieldSexy Lady in Assassin Uniform with Ninja with Machine GunSexy Princess Leia Cosplay with Revealing Uniform

Sexy Blonde Ladies in Cosplay, Snow WhiteSexy Lady in Supergirl Cosplay Uniform with Darth Vader with Glowing Light Saber

I will be taking lots more Comic-con photos this year. And as always, images are in high-res. So be sure to check me out next week.

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