DeviantART Artist Flockhart’s Cross-Hatching

I came across a fascinating artist on deviantArt by the screen name of Flockhart. His sketch reminded me that I need to do an article on Cross-hatching. I’ll do that later, but let me show you his art.

What captivated me was his cross-hatching techniques. He mixes clean cross-hatching lines with some soft shading, creating a visual flow throughout the sketch. It’s as if my eyes are focusing in and out as I pan through the drawing. Anyone interested in learning cross-hatching should study his technique carefully. His line work is awesome.

Through the few messages communicated with him in, he states that he sketches primarily for fun and as an “alternative to therapy.” Whatever his message is, he definitely has something to say. I can’t figure it out yet, but it’s a bit haunting. I’ve always enjoyed artworks that are deeply rooted in self expression with traditional skills. And it’s most effective when it is created for one’s self enjoyment, or an “alternative to therapy” as Flockhart has said. In my opinion, expression without skill is garbage. Anyone lacking in skills can express themselves and anoint themselves as an artist. This is not what we’re talking about. This guy got skills; serious skills.

His art is thought provoking, sexy, wicked and perverted. All leaving an impact. I know little about this artist, I just love his art. I hope he continues to create more. We need more artist like him. His art compels me to pick up the nearest pencil and draw. That is inspiration!

You can find his page here, Flockhart’s Art. I’m not sure if you need an account with deviantART to access his page. I’m a member so I have no problems. Actually, if you haven’t, you should join up on deviantART. I’ve come across some very talented people there. It’s a mixed bag filled with professionals and amateurs to who knows what.

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