Comic Con 2012 Photos – SDCC – Bluefin – DC – QMX – Tonner

Bluefin Distribution has some pretty cool Gundam figures. The stand out was the DX Soul of Chogokin Mazinger Z, unfortunately, I couldn’t get a photo of it due to the darken display.I’ll try again another day.

DC’s got a neat line of Mad figures. The design on them is hilarious. And it looks like it’s got great articulation as well. I will be carrying them in my HeroKingdom store when they become available.

QMX’s got their Star Trek Next Generation Enterprise D on display. It didn’t look as impressive as I thought it would be. The details weren’t all that crisp considering the hefty price tag of $5000 (Not confirmed. I’m guessing because that is how much the other Enterprises are priced). But wow, what a great piece to have in your home!

Tonner dolls are in a class of its own. The faces are extremely beautiful. The Tron series is looking good.

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