Comic Con 2012 Photos – SDCC – Yamato – Kotobukiya

Yamato had only a few new statues this year. But what they lacked in quantity they’ve made up with quality with the Luz Malefic statue by Luis Royo. The sculptor is no other than the master Shin Tanabe. His sculpting is just unbelievable. I don’t know how or why, but I can recognize his work. I think he can sculpt from a piece of poop better than many pros sculpting from clay. See for yourself on the Luz Malefic. She’s 1/4 scale resin. Pose is solid, and incredibly sexy! Yamato also had a Catwoman doll which looked great! Retails at a whopping $600!

Kotobukiya had their usual line up of Bishoujo figures and artfx statue. Stuff is decent with good quality as you would expect from them, but nothing ground breaking this year.

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