2 Sexy Drawings Update

Sexy Drawing of the deviantArt member dorkypyro

sexy drawing of a deviant art member dorkypyroHere is the completed sexy drawing of dorkypyro. This drawing took about 2 1/2 hours to complete. For whatever reason, I just grabbed a 4B pencil and started drawing. Also used a stump for quick shading and a 2B pencil for finer shading. What attracted me to the original photo was her expression; an attitude with some creepiness to it. When I first started it, I didn’t know where I would take the drawing or if I would even finish it. Had it not started well, I would have just chuck it in the trash. But it went okay I think, and I’m glad I finished. The attitude came through to the drawing.

The high resolution scan of this sexy drawing is now available for download in the Subscribers Area. I invite you to join me there if you haven’t already signed up for my newsletter.

If you want to see photos of dorkypyro, her deviantArt’s page is here (warning: nudity). She’s got a quite a unique look. Great for quick sketch reference.

Woman in Bondage Drawing Final

woman in bondage drawing - sexy drawingI’ve fixed the hand on this Woman in Bondage drawing, so now it’s all done. Seeing how this came out, I’ll definitely do a Woman in Bondage series. Stay tuned for more…thanks, -Wei

This drawing is also in the Subscribers Area.

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