Sexy Catwoman Drawing

Sexy Catwoman DrawingI’m calling this a sexy Catwoman drawing, but it didn’t start out that way. I just found this sexy image to sketch and so I did. The mask just reminded me of Catwoman so I decided to put some ears on it and call it Catwoman. I think it works. It also reminded me to do a rant on the new Catwoman costume design!

My Rant on the New Catowman Costume Design

Looking at the latest Dark Knight movie, I can’t get over how aweful the new Catwoman costume design is. First off, I think the casting is bad. Catwoman is suppose to be sexy, like Michelle Pfeiffer. Anne hathaway is hot, but she is not sexy. There’s no “meeoow” in her. The worst is that mask design; it looks like it belongs in a masquerade party.

I’ve worked in the film industry and I’ve seen some awesome designs. Most of them are mind blowing. There are so many talents there. This new Catwoman design escapes me. Even the Batman costume design seems to be going downhill. It’s Batman, why does he need to be so heavily padded? It makes him look like a wimp. Oh well, that’s my rant on the new Catwoman and Dark Knight designs. Back to the sexy drawings…

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