Painting on the Cintiq – Basil Gogos’ Frankenstein

I wanted to play with colors on the Cintiq and what better than to copy one of Basil Gogos’ monster paintings. The painting is referenced from the book, Famous Monster Movie Art of Basil Gogos. I still carry some of them in my store. His monster art is colorful and haunting–just an awesome use of colors. I was only able to capture a fraction of the expression and mood in the original painting.

You learn a lot by copying other people’s art. Try it sometimes if you haven’t–it’s worth your time. With close observation, you will start to decipher their art process. In this case, it is a little different as I’m working with a digital medium. But nonetheless, my intense observations of Basil’s painting offers clues to his process. These kinds of exercise is priceless.

My Basil Gogos Frankenstein Painting in Photoshop Work-in-progress for Basil Gogos' Frankenstein Painting in Photoshop

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