Cintiq,, and the BS CA Sales Tax

Well folks, funs over with tax free purchases at for California residents like myself. Starting this Saturday, all purchases by CA residents will be subject to the CA sales tax of 9.75%. I’m an avid Amazon shopper, and this hurts–you can’t beat free shipping and no sales tax. At the bull-shit sales tax of 9.75%, it’s a big hit when buying high ticket items like electronics. I actually wouldn’t mind paying it if the state wasn’t run by these clowns who has put the state in a financial mess.

So if you’re in CA and looking to get a Cintiq on Amazon, you got another day before getting hit with a 9.75% sales tax. Amazon didn’t carry the 22HD when it came out, so I got mine off Wacom’s site, and they didn’t charge me sales tax. I’m not sure if that will be the case if you’re a resident at another state. would be a good alternative after today if you’re looking to purchase one.

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