Head References for Artist – Lighting

Do you need lighting references for a human head? In my reference library I have various lighting references on faces, but it’s never complete as they come from difference sources and of different people. So here I have taken the 3D head model from my Lady Dragon statue and created an animation with various lighting angles, creating a complete head reference for lighting. I’ve always wanted to create this kinds of references for myself. Now I have done it and I’m sharing it with you.

Head Reference Video Setup

Head Reference 1 Head Reference 2

Starting with her head facing toward the camera, the light starts up top and slightly behind her right side. The light circles around her and ends on her left side(The green arrow represents the light direction). Then the light repeats the circling motion but at a lower angle. The circling ends once it has reached well below her face.

Head Reference 3 Head Reference 4

The circling light starts up top again but with the head tilted upwards. Then her head tilts downward and finally to the side. There are two images to each frame. The one on the right has rim lighting. You can see the full video below. In viewing the video, it might be dizzying as the light moves fast. I would recommend you pause it and scrub through the frames to find the lighting angle that you want.

Head Reference 5 Head Reference 6

Head Reference Video

Do you find this helpful? Please let me know your comments or suggestions you might have. I’m looking to create more reference videos like this. I already have a male head that is ready to be rendered. To leave me a comment for this, please go to the youTube page for this Head Reference video.

Also, the 3D face mesh of this is available for download in the Subscribers Area.

More coming soon, thanks, -Wei

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