Want to Learn 3D Modeling?

If you’ve read my bio, you know that I have a wide range of work experiences in arts and computer graphics. One of my skill that I would consider myself an expert in is 3D modeling. I’ve been doing 3D modeling to some degree throughout my CGI career, but it was only after spending over six years doing 3D modeling (almost exclusively) at Rhythm & Hues Studios that I can call myself an expert in that field. I’ve learned quite a bit during those years. And I want to show you what I have learned about 3D modeling. I thought about including 3D modeling contents on this blog but there are just too much of it to be bundled here. So I started a new site dedicated to 3D modeling. It is www.3DModelingHero.com.

What You WIll Learn from 3DModelingHero.com

My 3D modeling site teaches you the concepts of 3D modeling. I like the old Chinese proverb that saids it is better to teach a man to fish than to give him a fish. That’s what the concepts of 3D modeling is–understanding 3D modeling. It’s less about learning to model a specific face, but more on what you need to understand to make a model look like a face.

Why Learn 3D Modeling?

There are many uses for 3D modeling and I’ll briefly state some of it here.

  • If you’re a CG generalist, then you need to build models for your animations. You don’t want to start with a crappy model or one that takes you forever to do because you struggle with modeling.
  • If you’re a concept artist, with 3D modeling you can do high level concepts to detailed renderings of your props like guns, spaceship, etc.
  • If you’re a matte painter, then there’s nothing more real and spatially correct than a 3D model or scene. It is great for laying out an architectural scene.
  • You want to get a job as a modeler in the interactive games industry or in feature films.

Those are just some uses with 3D modeling. Knowing 3D modeling opens up a whole new world of possibilities. It’s like having another set of powerful tools in your toolbox.

Check it out, Learn 3D Modeling. Thanks, -Wei

3D Modeling Tutorials - Learn the Concepts

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