Monster Painting

Soft Airbrushing a Monster in Photoshop

Monster Painting in Photoshop using Airbrush

After all the sexy drawings and painting, I felt I needed to get some contrast in my sketches. Once in awhile, I just have a need to paint something different, something more manly, and more powerful. I had a rough image in my head and I just got on my Cintiq 22HD and started painting. On the upper left image is what I started with. I was thinking of some kind of dragon demon. Then I wasn’t sure what to do with the body so by default, it ended up being more humanoid. The upper right image is close to the final black and white painting. The bottom image is the final painting with some color. I quickly added color by using a color layer blending mode over the black and white painting.

Monster Painting in Photoshop with Color Click on the final image for larger view.
Until next time, -Wei

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