Beyonce Portrait Painting

Sexy Beyonce portrait painting in PhotoshopDid another painting using the soft airbrushing technique and this time it’s the singer Beyonce. I’m not a great fan of her music, but she does have a great sexy look.

When I was checking online for photos of Beyonce, most of them had the same old smile, and with quite a lot of make-up. I finally found one where she isn’t doing that default smile. This is how the painting ended up. Total painting time for thie Beyonce painting is under an hour.

Video of Beyonce Portrait Painting

Here is the video of the Beyonce Painting in Photoshop. There’s no narration on this video. It’s just a speed painting video. The process is pretty much the same as my other airbrushing paintings. Thanks for checking it out and hope you like it.

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