Pretty Girl Portrait Painting

Soft Airbrushing a Pretty Face

This is my latest portrait painting using the soft airbrushing technique. I’ve consecutively painted about 5 or 6 of these types of paintings and usually I would have been bored already. But somehow I’m drawn to this painting technique. Because the painting process goes from large details to smaller and smaller details, it feels like the portrait is emerging from the grey background that I start with. It’s a neat feeling. Just check out the speed painting video below.

There are endless ways of creating digital paintings. Before this soft airbrushing technique, I tend to paint with hard edges and then use the smudge tool to blend the two areas. That works well too, but feels mechanical at times. I like this free-flowing airbrush technique better, especially for portrait paintings.

I’m learning something new every time I do a painting using this technique. Once I have the technique nailed down, I’ll create a more professional and instructional video for this soft airbrushing technique for anyone interested in learning to paint this way. It’s a simple painting process and I think you can pick it up with ease. There are just some major points that needs to kept in mind when painting this way. I’ll talk more about that later on. But for now, I’ll just show you the captures of my painting process.

Sexy Girl Portrait Painting Video

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