2 Sexy Lady Paintings – Soft Airbrushing

Sexy Supergirl Painting

Sexy Supergirl Painting - Soft AirbrushingFor my two latest paintings, I decided to spend more time and paint more than just a portrait. I ended up with two sexy ladies. This one I’m calling it Supergirl just because her pose resembles Clark Kent when he transforms into Superman. But she is without her uniform! Since the painting had strong rim lighting, I added some flare effects. I’m a Star Trek geek and no doubt that was influenced by the Star Trek Enterprise movie where flares were used excessively in shots on the Enterprise bridge.

Woman by Window Light

Sexy Woman Laying on BedI love the lighting on this painting. Natural window light is awesome and in this case, it served as rim lighting. The softness of this airbrushing technique works well for the female form.

Both of these digital paintings took about 2 to 3 hours to paint. I’m definitely getting faster at this soft airbrushing technique in Photoshop with each new painting. Small details like the fingers increases painting time dramatically. But since the hands are so expressive, it is worth the time to paint them well.

For this Woman by Window Light, I faded her right hand to help focus the eye back to her. Her right hand is too close to the edge and increasing details and sharpness on it would have detracted the eye from her. Anyhow that’s just some rationale behind some of the elements in the painting. That’s what make creating art so much fun–you constantly have to think!

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