Latest Painting – Pin Up with Heels

Sexy Legs with Full Body

I don’t get a lot of painting time so I usually end up painting portraits or just part of a figure. But this time around, I took the time to paint the whole figure. It started with the legs and I just couldn’t stop!

pin up with heels painting

You can click on the image for the full resolution. You can see that I work in rather low resolutions. Painting in lower resolution allows me to paint faster–it’s also a bit easier. The head was painted at a much larger resolution and scaled down to fit the body. I’ll post the head painting and the video for that later.

Painting Tutorial Video

This tutorial has a lot more audio in it as I talk about the whole painting process in the video. So check it out if you’re interested in seeing how a painting like this can be done. Don’t forget to check out my soft airbrushing page for more of these types of paintings. Until next time, -Wei

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