Comic Con 2013 Photos – SDCC – Sideshow

Comic Con 2013 is insane! The crowds seems to be getting bigger and bigger every year. Tickets are expensive and hard to come by if you purchase late. Luckily I have a retailers license that allows me to get one every year. Anyhow, when it comes to Comic Con, for me it’s all about the sexy cosplays and toys from Sideshow collectibles. There are more picture taking at the Sideshow booth than at any other booths.

This year, Sideshow really didn’t have too many new statues on display. Some of the large center pieces were from last year. For Comic Con 2012, the Poison Ivy statue and the Galactus statue were jaw droppers. This year, it would be harder to pick a stand out. Still, they’ve got some really cool statues. So let me start by showing the Sideshow stuff first. More to come soon as I prepare the photos. I have lots to go through.

Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys (Part 1)

Other Comic Con 2013 Photos

Comic Con 2013 Photos – Sideshow Photos (Part 1)
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Comic Con 2013 Photos – Misc

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