Painting the Back Muscles

View from Behind

Most artist tend to draw the human figure from the front view. The features of the face and the chest area, especially of a female figure, could be very alluring. But you know, the back muscles could be attractive as well. Most people don’t have good back muscles, but when they do, and with a good pose, it is very pleasing to look at.

Recently, I found a photo of some back muscles with a great pose to show it off. So I decided to paint it and use it as an example for a soft airbrushing technique video that I was planning on doing. The soft airbrushing technique is perfect for painting organic forms. It is efficient and quick to paint. Here is my painting along with the painting video in real-time. The video is a step by step tutorial that will show you how efficient this painting technique is.

Painting of back muscles

Step by Step Painting Video

Hope you like the view from behind, and until next time, -Wei

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