How to Draw the Head

Andrew Loomis’ Head Construction

If you are going to do any head or figure drawing, then you will want to read up on Andrew Loomis’ books. Most of the artist that I have seen today with great head and facial drawings have one point or another studied Andrew Loomis’ techniques. Some might deviate slightly from his technique, but the core remains the same.

Book Recommendation for Head and Figure Drawing

These are the two books I have and I highly recommend them for learning how to draw the figure. It covers everything from basic construction to details of the hands. It will give you what you need to start drawing the figure correctly. And that is the key, to learn to draw it accurately.

Head Construction Video

Head Construction in 3D

To help you visualize Andrew Loomis’ head construction technique, I’ve modeled it in 3D and rendered it from different vantage points. Drawing the sphere with the reference lines could be difficult for beginners. This should help you visualize the lines. You can click on the image for a much larger view.

Andrew Loomis Head Construction

If you follow Andrew Loomis’ way of constructing the head, I know you will draw better heads. Hope you find this helpful. -Wei

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