How to Draw the Human Figure – Mannequin

Drawing the Human Figure

The human figure is one of the most complex forms you can draw. To draw it well without reference, forget about it, well, almost. Even artist that can draw the human figure well without reference will admit that they will need reference for their more serious drawings. Reason is simple, the human body is too complex, too many moving parts. You can study and memorize all the muscular, a considerable achievement, but to draw it convincingly as the pose deforms and stretches and twists the musculature, that is very difficult. That being said, you can still draw a nice figure without reference, but only through years and years of study and practice. Lots of things goes into draw a nice figure, and the first thing should be the mannequin.

The Basic Mannequin

Most beginner art classes on figure drawing will talk about drawing the mannequin. The mannequin is just like what you see in the store, but even simpler. The mannequin for drawing will compose of only basic geometric forms like cylinders and boxes. Each geometric shape will represent a limb, and the connecting joints can be omitted. The mannequin setup drawn by each individual artist will vary slightly. Here is how I like to draw the mannequin.

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