Couple Portrait Painting

I’m a Wedding Painter?

A professional photographer once told me that being a wedding photographer ranks the lowest on the totem pole for photography. If that’s true, will being a wedding portrait painter make me the lowest of painters? Haha. Okay, seriously, no disrespect for wedding photographers. They do great work. I think it’s just that being a wedding photographer has a relatively low entry requirement, therefore, you get the amateurs as well as professionals. Anyhow, back to painting. This painting was done at a request from a father who wanted to give a painted portrait of his daughter and future son-in-law as a little surprise wedding gift to them. He owns a custom wrapping and printing company so naturally this would be printed. I hope everything went great and I’m curious how this painting was received by the bride and groom.

Soft Airbrushing at High Resolution

This was a much more involved painting. Usually with my limited time, I spend roughly 2 hours for any kind of work on my own. Since the painting was to be printed, I had to work at a much larger resolution. This took me about 8 hours to paint. The final resolution was almost 4000 pixels wide. Ultimately, this was a good test for me because I was curious how the larger resolution would affect my soft airbrushing technique. As it turns out, the affects were minimal. Working at a larger resolution just meant using a larger brush, which in Photoshop is never an issue. But at larger resolution, more time was spent on the details, which was to be expected. I’m glad my technique has survived the test of high resolution.

Painting Hair and Details

The most challenging part was her hair and the details on her dress. I get impatient with too much details. I don’t have ADD, it’s just that I don’t like too much repetition=). But I’m glad I got through it. The fun part was making the composition come together. Like fading some areas out to focus the eye, and sharpening certain edges to draw attention to the area. That’s the art part that I enjoy most. Because without that, it’s just a copy of a photo. Well, hope you like this, and do check out the video below for the painting process. Until next time, -Wei

Portrait Painting Video

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Enterprise Predator Concept in Minecraft!

Previously, I had posted a Star Trek Enterprise ship concept painting titled the Predator. Well, just recently, someone by the name of Alex Steel emailed me and told me that he has started building my Predator concept in Minecraft!

Up until then, I have never even heard of Minecraft. Okay, I might be outdated in that respect, but when you have 3 kids like I do, you are busy enough with the real world to know much about virtual worlds out there. Alex was nice enough to explain to me what Minecraft was. What I’ve learn blew me away. Not just the fact that people are doing this but at the level of dedication they have in doing it at. Alex is into building Star Trek related things in Minecraft. So he decided to build my Predator ship concept in Mincraft. Here’s my painting below along with some of his builds in Minecraft.

Star Trek Enterprise NCC-1791 Predator Concept

building the enterprise predator in minecraftbuilding the enterprise predator in minecraft exteriorbuilding the enterprise predator in minecraft - interiorbuilding the enterprise predator in minecraft saucer

It’s quite incredible to see this being build by someone. There are more shots of this bulding process in Alex’s blog. You can find the post here: Building the Enterprise Predator in Minecraft.

Or check out his forum, Shipyards: Building Star Trek Ships in Minecraft.

Now if this fascinates you, you have to check out what other Star Trek ships have been built in Minecraft. Check out these links, courtesy of Alex. It’s mine-blowing. Enjoy! -Wei

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Comic Arist Legend Joe Kubert

I was looking through some comic covers online and came across some drawings by the great comic book artist Joe Kubert. Its been decades since I read comics regularly. Lately, I’ve been stocking up on Marvel Masterworks and DC Archives for my eBay store. The one that caught my eyes was the Sgt. Rock comic by Joe Kubert. I love his drawings on the soldiers’ faces. You can feel the toughness, the strain, and the hardship on his soldier drawings. Below are some of his drawings in Joe Kubert Presents. The drawings are just awesome. Hope you find them inspirational.

Joe Kubert’s Presents

Joe Kubert

Rest in peace, Joe Kubert


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Sci-fi Concept Painting – Retro Style

sci-fi concept painting - martian lookoutThis painting started out as another soldier sketch but ended up as some kind of futuristic robotic soldier with a retro sci-fi look.

Something about the retro sci-fi works that sparks my imagination. The current generation of sci-fi concept artist, mostly digital, have some amazing imagery. But somehow, I don’t see the same level of creativity as in the old sci-fi works. The newer concepts have spectacular shapes, dynamic composition, and awesome renderings. It’s fun to look at, but doesn’t spark the imagination. It just doesn’t do it for me as much as the older works. Oh whatever, it could be that I’m just getting older=).

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Comic Con 2013 Cosplay Photos

Sexy Cosplays at Comic Con

Some really hot cosplays this year at Comic Con. Even though I was there for a short period, I was able to find some great cosplays. The Storm cosplay gal was the best I’ve seen so far. She is super fit. You have to check her out! The pirate lady was red hot! I didn’t even care to look what the booth was about. Enjoy!

Comic Con 2013 Photos – Sideshow Photos (Part 1)
Comic Con 2013 Photos – Sideshow Photos (Part 2)
Comic Con 2013 Photos – Kotobukiya – Yamato
Comic Con 2013 Photos – Hollywood Collectible – QMX – Bluefin
Comic Con 2013 Photos – Misc

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