Latest Painting – Pin Up with Heels

Sexy Legs with Full Body

I don’t get a lot of painting time so I usually end up painting portraits or just part of a figure. But this time around, I took the time to paint the whole figure. It started with the legs and I just couldn’t stop!

pin up with heels painting

You can click on the image for the full resolution. You can see that I work in rather low resolutions. Painting in lower resolution allows me to paint faster–it’s also a bit easier. The head was painted at a much larger resolution and scaled down to fit the body. I’ll post the head painting and the video for that later.

Painting Tutorial Video

This tutorial has a lot more audio in it as I talk about the whole painting process in the video. So check it out if you’re interested in seeing how a painting like this can be done. Don’t forget to check out my soft airbrushing page for more of these types of paintings. Until next time, -Wei

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Comic Art References

I’m getting the comic fever as Comicon 2013 is under two months away! I’ve just registered for my retailer’s passes earlier this week. Looking forward to seeing previewing all the new toys coming out and of course the sexy cosplays!

Here are some new additions to my Comic Art References section.

Young Avengers Poster

Young Avengers

A Plus X

A Plus X

Avengers Assemble Poster by Bagley

Avengers by Bagley

Marvel Avengers vs X-Men poster by Bradshaw

Avengers vs X-Men

Indesructible Hulk poster by Leinil Yu

Hulk by Leinil Yu

Morbius Living Vampire


Omega Effect by Adi Granov

Omega Effect by Adi Granov

Thor by Esad Ribic

Thor by Esad Ribic

Wolverine by Bianchi

Wolverine by Bianchi

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Another Soldier Sketch on Galaxy Note 10.1

Sketching on the Galaxy Note 10.01Here’s another sketch on the Galaxy Note 10.1 over the Memorial Day weekend. I’m getting more comfortable working with the S-Pen on the Galaxy Note. I’m also feeling the sensitivity more. It appears that you need to push down quite a bit to get the variations. Not nearly as good as Cintiq but it is feeling better the more I work with it.

I’m really loving the convenience of sketching with the Galaxy Note. Fun!!!

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Sketching with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Sketch of Soldier with the Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 SketchFinally had a chance to play around sketching on my new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. There are quite a few of free drawing and painting softwares for the Galaxy Note but I decided to purchase Autodesk’s Sketchbook Pro 6 for $5. The thing with free programs is that there’s usually a catch, either a trial version or some kind of ad placement. Anyhow, Sketchbook Pro has been around for awhile so it’s the natural choice in my opinion. Here’s a sketch on the Galaxy Note 10.1. Since it’s Memorial Day weekend, a soldier sketch seems appropriate.

Limited Range of Sensitivity with the Pen on the Galaxy Note 10.1

After getting some playtime, I’ve come to realize that Sketchbook Pro for tablets is a really simple program. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Simplicity works well for mobile devices. First impressions is that the pen is just mildly sensitive on the tablet. I am use to the sensitivity levels offered by the Wacom Intous tablets and the Cintiqs. The pen on the Galaxy Note 10.1 is well below those. I find it difficult to achieve a wide range of pressures with the pen. In order to make lighter lines, I have to change the opacity levels. Just applying a softer touch on the tablet offers only a tiny range of difference. It stills works, just not impressive like the Cintiq. Then again, this is a $400 tablet computer compared to a Cintiq monitor for $2000. So comparing the Galaxy Note to the Cintiq is probably not a valid comparison.

Sketching is Fun on the Galaxy Note

Once I got over the limited pen sensitivity, I really enjoyed sketching on it. You find ways to adjust your workflow according to the hardware and software. I ended up just using the pen tool for solid lines and started sketching. It’s really fun. The lag is noticeable, but not a deal breaker. Screen size is small but workable. The screen resolution for sketching is sufficient. The fact that it is portable and you can have it up and running in a few seconds is incredibly convenient. I’m afraid that I might not pick up a pencil anymore for sketching.

I’ll have more reviews on the sketching and drawing on the Galaxy Note later as I play with it more. But these are just my initial thoughts.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 for Sketching

I finally got my first tablet and it’s the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. I’ve been wanting to get a tablet with pen capability for awhile now. Originally priced at $449 at Amazon, it’s now at $429. With the price drop, I decided to get one. And I’m glad I did.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 vs Cintiq

Galaxy Note 10.1 for Digital Sketching

I don’t need a tablet, but I figure this would be a neat tool for digital sketching. According to reviews, Sketch Book Pro would be the software for that. Just playing around with the note taking and feeling out the pen sensitivity, it feels surprisingly good, but there is a noticeable lag. I doubt I’ll be doing any serious art or paintings with this, because I already have the Cintiq 22HD for that. This will primarily be a digital sketch pad for me. I’ll have more updates on sketching with the Galaxy Note when I get a chance to play with it some more. And yes, I have wasted my share of time playing Angry Bird with this.

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