Painting the Back Muscles

View from Behind

Most artist tend to draw the human figure from the front view. The features of the face and the chest area, especially of a female figure, could be very alluring. But you know, the back muscles could be attractive as well. Most people don’t have good back muscles, but when they do, and with a good pose, it is very pleasing to look at.

Recently, I found a photo of some back muscles with a great pose to show it off. So I decided to paint it and use it as an example for a soft airbrushing technique video that I was planning on doing. The soft airbrushing technique is perfect for painting organic forms. It is efficient and quick to paint. Here is my painting along with the painting video in real-time. The video is a step by step tutorial that will show you how efficient this painting technique is.

Painting of back muscles

Step by Step Painting Video

Hope you like the view from behind, and until next time, -Wei

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How to Draw Cars

Drawing Cars

I think most artist at one point or another has tried designed their own concept cars. I remember drawing cars in my perspective drawing class. It was one of the more enjoyable aspects of learning perspective. And really, knowing perspective is the key to drawing cars. Without it, the proportions in your car sketch will not be convincing. We are so accustomed to seeing correct perspective that any major perspective errors in your car drawing will create unwanted proportions.

So the key to drawing cars is learning how to quickly draw perspective boxes. The boxes does not need to have perfect perspective–getting it close will suffice. In my video below, I will talk about laying the foundation for a car drawing. Then I will do a quick example of a concept car. My car doesn’t look very good as it is just quickly off my head. It usually takes quite a bit of sketching and brainstorming to be able to get a decent looking concept going. Anyhow, hope you enjoy the video.

How to Draw Cars with Perspective Boxes

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How To Draw Cloths

3 Tips for Better Cloth Drawings

Drawing cloth could be a tedious process. But it is not harder than any other things you might draw. Here are some tips that will improve your cloth drawing.

Drawing Cloth Tip #1

Visualize the form and flow. With cloth, this is especially important as the flow and wrinkles have to be defined in order for your cloth to be believable. A quick way to better visualize the form is to draw a line on the cloth as if it’s riding on the surface of the cloth. It is like drawing a cross section. This will help you see what the cloth surface is doing.

Drawing Cloth Tip #2

Exaggerate the reflective lighting on the cloth. Since the cloth will most likely have many rounded areas is it tucks in and out, exaggerating the reflective lighting will help to intensify the curvature of the cloth. This will make it more three-dimensional.

Drawing Cloth Tip #3

Have good contrast between light dark and light areas. When the area of the cloth tucks under to another layer, make that edge dark to help push out the upper layer. Visually, anything dark will be perceived as receding and anything lighter will appear to come forward. Therefore, increasing the contrast in the edge of those areas will give your cloth more depth.

How to Draw Cloth Video Tutorial

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Elsa Painting

Quick painting of Elsa from Frozen using the Soft Airbrushing technique. Very anime-like style for this character. Fun to do and a great little break from my usual daily activities. Hope you like it.


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Lady Statue Statue is Here!


Fresh off the delivery today from Yamato Toys is my Lady Dragon Statue! I’m fully stocked with my own statue and it’s ready to go out. I will be sending invoices tonight to all that have pre-ordered. I tell you, it is a very strange feeling to stock up on my own statue. But I truly believe this is the best inventory I have so far=).

My First Impression

First impression of the statue from the factory is that the face is incredible! I don’t know how they are able to paint so intricately on such a small area. But you know, Yamato does have a reputation for great face painting on their Fantasy Figure Gallery line of statues. So I am very glad to part of that line. The rest of the body is good too. Some seam areas are not as cleanly painted, but you find that in all other 1:6 scale resin productions. Overall, it exceeded my expectations. I love it! And I hope you will too.

lady dragon statue yamato lady dragon statue close up lady dragon statue cast off Lady dragon rear view lady dragon statue lady dragon statue inventory

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