How to Draw What You See

Drawing Accurately

Being an artist, you are expected to be able to draw what you see. And if you are unable to do that, people will consider you to be a crappy artist. Unless of course, you identify yourself as a contemporary artist then anything goes. But that’s another story. To be able to draw accurately, you need to develop a great sense of spacing between edges and relative angles of different elements. In beginner drawing classes, in order to copy exactly, they will make you apply even spaced grid over the image you want to draw, and then have a larger evenly spaced grid lines on your drawing paper. Then block by block, you draw everything inside each block. That is an effective way of matching what you need to draw, but is also an excruciatingly painful process. The thing I took away from that lesson was to never do that again!

You Need to See Correctly!

Most people just see things. An artist need to not only see, but also read the relationship between all the elements involved. The most basic way of measuring what you see is to spot edges or elements that are almost perfectly horizontally or vertically aligned to each other. Just imagine you have the ability to visualize vertical and horizontal lines in your site. That is the first step of seeing relations between elements. Since most elements are rarely aligned perfectly, you will be forced to see the angles between the elements. Measuring the angle is more difficult, but gets easier with practice. That is the key to being able to draw what you see, by reading the spacing and angles accurately.

Once you have the ability to measure with your site, then you are partly developing what people call the artistic eye. You will then notice spacial nuances in everything you see, and you will never be the same. With your artistic eye, a slightly crooked picture frame will irritate you like never before.

Tutorial Video on Drawing What You See

Here is how I measure in order to draw accurately from reference.

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Top 3 How to Draw Videos

Learn How to Draw Anything

There are many how-to-draw videos and tutorials online, and some of them are very good. If you have been following me, you know I have been doing some videos on drawing with pencils as well. Some of my drawing videos has gotten pretty good responses from viewers, so I am posting my top three videos here.

In my videos, I try to approach it differently than from many others out there. Instead of showing you how to draw a specific thing, I want to show you how to draw anything. And that involves showing you the very basic fundamentals of drawing. Which is what? Well, doing a drawing is mostly repetitious work. It is nothing more than a series of strokes. How you apply the strokes makes all the difference. Therefore, it is all about hand control. Once you master hand control, you will be able to apply the knowledge in your head to paper. Without hand control, it doesn’t matter how many art books you read, you can’t translate that on paper.

That is what I am starting with–hand control. Judging from the feedback I get from viewers, I am pretty sure it will help you if you are a beginner artist. Let me know what you think. Thanks, -Wei

How to Draw Lines

How to Shade with Cross-Hatching

How to Draw Curves and Circles

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Lady Dragon Statue – Paint Master

My Statue is Finally Done!

If there was ever a labor of love for me, this is it! Below are the approved Lady Dragon paint master from the factory. The final product should look very close to what is shown.

The release date is March of this year. If you want one, you can pre-order my statue from the Yamato website. Or if you like, you can order it directly from me by emailing me and I’ll put you on the list. Then once I get the inventory, I will email you to confirm the order. You can always change your mind, there’s nothing formal here. The cost of the Lady Dragon statue is $199.99 with free shipping within the United States. The statue is 1/6 scale, approximately 12.5″ tall.

Check out the statue and do let me know what you think by commenting. Oh, almost forgot to mention, this statue features full cast-off capabilities! That means the dress comes off. You know I would not deprive you of that.

Lady Dragon Images

lady dragon

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How to Paint Portraits – The Soft Airbrushing Technique

Portrait Painting Doctor and his DogI never thought I would be painting a dog but there’s a first for everything I suppose. I had my hesitations on this commission piece, mainly due to the subject matter. Painting fur is a tedious process. But I got through it and I’m glad I did. It’s nice to do something new once in awhile.

This owner loves his dog. And only after I started to paint and having to look at the original photo for a long period of time did I finally started to feel how much he loves this dog. And it’s that love that I wanted to show in this painting as well. That was my focus. If you can feel the love he has for this dog, then I would have succeeded. That is what motivated me to push myself and finish this piece.

As usual, this was painted in Photoshop using the Soft Airbrushing technique. I didn’t make a video of the painting, but I did manage to save off snapshots of the painting throughout the process. The image is below.

The Painting Process

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Pencil brush for Photoshop

Pencil Sketching in Photoshop

Looking for a pencil brush for Photoshop? I think I’ve found a good one for you. I finally tried out some pencil brushes for Photoshop and I am surprised how well it replicated the pencil texture. I googled “pencil brush” and found quite a bit of links for it. I download a couple of pencil brushes and found one that worked well. You can download it here: Oniai-love-ru’s Pencil Brush. Below are samples of that brush set.

pencil brush for photoshop test

This pencil brush set offers 15 brushes, though most are variations, they are useful. This set allows you to retain the pencil texture even if you change the brush size. I tried out another pencil brush set and it only came with one brush, and changing the size destroyed the pencil texture. Why would you want to change a pencil brush size? Well, because when you sketch with a real pencil, your strokes will differ in size depending on how sharp your pencil is. One thing I like to do when sketching with real pencil is to keep pencils with different sharpness. That way, I will always have duller pencils for broader strokes, and a sharp pencils for finer lines. Therefore, being able to change the pencil size adds another level of realism.

Batman Sketch with Pencil Brush

Here is my test sketch using the pencil brush in Photohop. The original art was from Alex Ross.

batman sketch in Photoshop with pencil brush

Basic Tools for Drawing

If you are new to drawing with traditional pencils, I have some videos here that will give you a good introduction to pencils and other basic tools for drawing:
Basic Tools for Drawing – Video 1
Basic Tools for Drawing – Video 2
Basic Tools for Drawing – Video 3

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