These are digital paintings that I have created on the Wacom Cintiq 22HD. I can’t tell you how much I love this thing. It’s made the digital painting process more natural for me. And I have my hand-eye coordination back! You can check out my review of the Cintiq 22HD for more information.

Sexy Leg Paintings

I’m a leg-man. This will be an ongoing series on sexy legs. Here I’m using the soft airbrushing technique.

sexy legs with heels paintingsexy legs with platform pumps painting on Cintiq 22HDsexy legs with platform pumps on bed painting

Sexy Gal and Monster Paintings

These were paintings that were created shortly after I got the Cintiq 22HD. Some of them are commissions for some sexy ladies who wanted to be a superheroine.

sexy witchblade painting - cosplaysexy wonder woman painting - cosplaysexy black widoe cosplay painting

sexy girl with shotgun paintingbasil gogos frankenstein painting - my version on Wacom Cintiqbasil gogos mummy painting - my version on Wacom Cintiq

Quick Paintings

creature painting on the Wacom Cintiq 22HDbatman design painting on the Cintiq 22HDcyborg ninja painting on the Cintiq 22HD

Asian Mythology Paintings

These are digital paintings for my Asian Mythology Series. These paintings also serves as concepts for my line of Asian Mythology Statues. The first in production is the Lady Dragon, which is the first painting you see here. Please click here–>Lady Dragon Statue for more information. Paintings were created on Photoshop with the Wacom Intuos tablets.

Sexy Art Nude Painting Lady DragonSexy Art Nude Painting Red AssassinSexy Art Nude Painting Cucubine on Pedestal
Sexy Art Nude Painting The Phoenix Archer
Sexy Art Nude Painting Dreams of Flight


7 Responses to Paintings

  1. Richard Lee says:

    As a collector and hobby airbrush enthusiast, I’m fascinated by your works.
    I’m keen to purchase some drawings and figurines like your beautiful Dragon Lady and Assassin.
    Please advise how do I make the purchase.

  2. hectorivera says:

    wow, i love you art, what brush settings did u used in the art of the girl with a black cloth and gun and orange hair?, i love it :)

  3. Jostein W says:


    Thanks for showing me your site.

    This is ART, Beautiful drawings and Stunning paintings…Im always humbled when I see art, in which there have been put a lot of patience and Love into.

  4. Wayne H says:

    AWE … “Jaw Dropping”.. those are just beautiful !! **LOL I’m Speechless !!** ……

    LOL I’m going to ask me wife if I can have one of each =D =D
    after seeing these lady’s, Yes I’ll be a proud man and say..” I’m weak….LOL ! ”

    TY much for sharing Wei !!

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