Greek Myth Hera Statue

Yamato has started a new line of statues featuring Greek Mythology characters. It is an honor to kick off their new series with this Hera statue. Here are the final product photos from Yamato.

hera statue different views

One of the coolest thing about this statue is that the dress is removable. I didn’t plan on it that way but the factory was able to use a flexible type of resin to create the dress. I figure it will be a plus for this statue since I have spent a great deal of time sculpting the body. So a decision was made to make this Hera statue with full cast-off ability.

hera with cast off

3D Modeling on Hera

Here is my Hera statue as it looked in zBrush. The body and hair was sculpted in zBrush. The clothing and everything else was modeled in Maya. Why in the world would I use Maya you ask? Well, partly because I’m not that good in zBrush yet. But what happens is that since I am designing the statues as I model, I find the process much easier in Maya. I’ll talk about that process more if you are interested.

hera statue

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