Red Assassin Statue

Red Assassin Has Arrived!

Update 12/10/14 – Red Assassin Web Version Colors

This is the Web Exclusive version of the Red Assassin statue. I decided to go with white and make it into a snow scene. I love what the factory did for the snow. Limited to 200 pieces.

red assassin statue web exclusive version

Update 10/20 – Paint Master from the Factory

Red Assassin statue paint masterThis is the first pass on the painting for the Red Assassin. This is not the final paint job. The face is being repainted and the whole statue is too shiny.


Update 8/15 – 3D Print from the Factory

red assassin statue 3d print from the factory

Red Assassin Introduction

This will be my second statue in my line, The Red Assassin. I’m still modeling it and its got a lot of work left in it. But most of the elements and the pose is there. It’s a matter of cleaning up and modeling in more details. On the image below that is my original digital painting that I did. One major difference is the stance, from sitting to a standing pose. I like the sitting pose, but as a statue, a standing pose is a lot more dynamic. There are many advantages to a standing pose for statues. One major advantage of a standing pose is the smaller footprint on your display shelf. As a collector myself, I really hate low lying statues with huge footprints. It just eats up all your space! Anyhow, for this, the longer legs makes it more attractive. Though the sitting legs are much more erotic. So it’s good and bad. In this case, I went with the standing pose.

This is the Red Assassin digital painting that I did many years ago. I really like the pose here in the painting. The lower half of her body is very sensual with that arcing of the hips. Unfortunately, this would have a  really large footprint as a statue. I’ve actually started modeling her sitting like that. I’ll post some images of my older work-in-progress for this and the Lady Dragon statue later on.

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