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Hi there, I want to invite you to sign up for my Newsletter so I can keep you updated whenever something exciting happens to my art and statue creations. Your email address is used by me to send you my Newsletter only. As subscriber, you will have access to everything in this Subscribers Area where you will be able to download some of my art at full resolution.

Currently in the Subscribers Area….

Art Downloads
Woman in Bondage Drawing
(3000 x 2410)
Dorkypyro Drawing
(2781 x 3500)
Fetish Wonder Woman Drawing
(4059 x 6000)
Women of Star Trek Andreas Drawing
(3860 x 6000)
Women of Star Trek Magda Drawing
(3650 x 4128)
Supergirl at Rest Drawing (6000 x 4654)
Lady Dragon Painting
(3333 x 5000)
Red Asssassin Painting (3804 x 5000)
Phoenix Archer Painting (3223 x 4835)
Concubine on Pedestal Painting (3500 x 6152)
Dreams of Flight Painting (3073 x 5000)

More to come. See you there! -Wei

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