Lady Samurai and Aphrodite in the Previews Catalog

I order from the Previews catalog every month for my online business. For the October Previews edition, it has two of my statues listed, the Lady Samurai and the Greek Myth Aphrodite. It still feels a little surreal seeing my own statues there. Thanks to Yamato for making it happen.


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Greek Myth Medusa statue

3D output from the factory for my Medusa statue. This is will released after Aphrodite. She is the most complex statue I have made so far. Lots of different elements but definitely fun to work on. I am really glad I have the opportunity to create this series of Greek Mythology statues for Yamato. I loved reading Greek Mythology growing up and I guessing you probably did to.

medusa statue yamato

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Greek Myth Athena Statue

Here are the Greek Myth Athena statue photos. This is my second Greek Myth statue. The first was Hera.

For Athena, the bra piece comes off to reveal some nice boobies. Yamato also decided to make the dress come off as well, though there is not much to reveal. But it is a nice little feature. Athena is 1/6 scale like all my other statues. Hope you like these.

If you want to purchase these or any of my other statues, you can get them directly from me. Just message me or sign up for my newsletter so that I can keep you updated on when my new statues are available.

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Phoenix Archer Statue

Both versions of my Phoenix Archer is here! The regular version is limited to 600 pieces while the Web version is limited to 100. The piece over her right breast is removable. Anyone familiar with my art will know that I love cast off abilities in statues. It just makes them so much more interesting=).

My Greek Myth Athena has also arrived. I will be posting images up for that next.

Sorry for not updating this blog more often. Maybe I’m putting too much stuff on my plate. Anyhow, I’ll try to get updates here as often as on my Facebook page.

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Hera and Red Assassin Web Version

Hera and Red Assassin Web Version Has Arrived

Been waiting for these for a long time. The shipment finally arrived from Yamato. Hera is Yamato’s first statue in their Greek Myth line. She looks incredible! Along with the shipment was the Red Assassin Web Version. The white look very sexy on her. The base has some snow effect. Works well in my opinion.

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