Athena Statue

My latest sculpt, Athena for Yamato Greek Mythology series. This will be released after Hera.

Greek Mythology Athena Statue Yamato

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Hera Statue

Yamato’s New Line of Greek Mythology Statues

I feel honored to be able to start Yamato’s new line of statues based on Greek Mythology. The first one is Hera.


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Red Assassin Web Exclusive Version

Red Assassin in White

Web Exclusive version for the Red Assassin. The image on the top right is what I painted for the factory. They did an amazing job on the final product. Limited to 100 pieces. This and the regular version will have full cast-off. Should be available in January of 2005.

red assassin statue web exclusive version

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Red Assassin Statue – Paint Master

Red Assassin statue paint masterIt took a awhile but here is the paint master for my Red Assassin statue. This is the factory’s first pass on the paint. They did a great job on the body. Those subtle paints in the crease really helps to bring out the form. It’s a bit too shiny and that will be fixed before production.

I’m hoping this will be out early next year.

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Red Assassin Statue 3D Print

Red_Assassin_3D_PrintExtremely excited to see this from the factory. My second statue, the Red Assassin, has been printed! Some minor fixes are needed but it’s 95% there. I am hoping this will be released before Christmas. Click on image for larger view.

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