Hera and Red Assassin Web Version

Hera and Red Assassin Web Version Has Arrived

Been waiting for these for a long time. The shipment finally arrived from Yamato. Hera is Yamato’s first statue in their Greek Myth line. She looks incredible! Along with the shipment was the Red Assassin Web Version. The white look very sexy on her. The base has some snow effect. Works well in my opinion.

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Portrait Drawing of a Girl

This is a sketch for a portrait video I was working on. You can see the video under the How to Draw section. This was drawn with a 4B pencil.

portrait drawing of a girl

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Leonard Nimoy Commemorative Edition Magazine

This is cool. I will be picking one of this up for sure. Leonard Nimoy Commemorative Edition.

CBS Watch! presents a one-of-a-kind tribute to the late Leonard Nimoy, TV’s Mr. Spock. For nearly 50 years in the limelight, Nimoy was the favorite of generations of science fiction fans for his logical yet lovable Vulcan. But his artistic endeavors went far beyond Star Trek, taking him behind the camera as a director, to the still image as a photographer and to the written word as a poet and author. Through exclusive photos and editorial content, this 100-page memorial issue celebrates every aspect of the man the world came to know and love as Spock.

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Tribute to Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy, what an icon. RIP. There will never be another.
(Click on image to view full size)

leonard nimoy drawing

Leonard Nimoy Drawing Video

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Lady Samurai Statue

This is my latest statue based on my early painting. This will be my 4th statue based on my Asian Mythology paintings. This will be going to the factory and it should be available six months down the road. 1/6 scale with cast-off clothing and samurai helmet.


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