Drawing Pokemon Characters

How to Draw Pokemon Characters

To draw Pokemons cartoon characters, start drawing the overall basic forms first to rough in the proportions of each character. Simplify the Pkemon forms with circles, ovals, rectangles, or any other simple geometric forms. Once the proportions are blocked in, add in the larger details, then smaller details. Don’t be afraid to extend each line as most cartoon drawings has simple and dynamic shapes. Extending the lines creates better lines and offer for reference points to work from.

In this step by step Pokemon video, let me show you how to draw Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Gloom, Psyduck, and Mankey.

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Reference Pictures for Drawing

Hi there, since many of you have asked about my reference pictures for my youTube drawings, I have created a new page with those reference images.

Check them out.

They are under Drawings—>Drawings on youTube—>Reference Pictures

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New Section – Drawings on youTube

Drawings from My youTube Drawing Tutorials

Finally, go this done! Since I have been doing a lot of drawings for my youTube channel lately, there are plenty of new drawings to show you here. In addition to my drawings, these images are also in high resolution so that you can see all the little pencil marks. I hope you find being able to see closely to a drawing to be helpful. I LOVE to look at drawings up close. The strokes tells of a process. It is like looking into the artist’s mind.

Please check this new section out.

I have also did a little clean up throughout my site to make it easier to navigate.

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Site Under Construction

Many sections are under construction.

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Lady Samurai Statue Photos

Lady Samurai

This Lady Samurai is the 4th statue on my Asian Mythology series. 1/6 scale. Paint job is awesome as usual by Yamato. The face is gorgeous. The arms are magnetized and of course, cast off clothing. Comes with tattoo that you get put on, but I didn’t do it here.

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