Lou Ferrigno Retro Hulk Sketch and the Effects of the Fixative Spray

I would hate to leave a sketch unfinished, so I spent a little more time on this Hulk sketch and now I can call it done. Please click on it for a larger image.

What I wanted to briefly talk about was the effects of Fixative on a drawing. After each drawing, I always spray it with fixative to protect it. Even though it is just a quick sketch, I like to spray it so that it won’t smudge everywhere later on or onto my other drawings in storage. But there is a side effect to using a protective spray. The fixative will have the effects of darkening your drawing. That side effect has always been a plus for me, because that means I don’t have to sketch too dark, which saves me time. It is like applying a ‘contrast’ effect in Photoshop.

Check out the differences in the before and after picture. The left side is my original sketch and the right side is after it was sprayed with Krylon fixative. The results are quite drastic.

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