Lady Dragon Statue

Yamato Fantasy Figure Gallery
“Sculptor’s Original” Lady Dragon Statue

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Thank you for your support and I think you will love this!

Product Type: Resin Statue
Product Size:
Approximately 12.5″ Height
Cast-off Clothing, Name/Numbered Display Plate,Base, Certificate of Authenticity
Package Type:
Closed Box

Lady Dragon statue in stock

Yamato Fantasy Figure Gallery “Sculptor’s Original”
Lady Dragon Statue $199.00

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Below are some images of the final product along. The latter images is the factory paint master. The final product was very close to the prototype.

lady dragon statue yamato lady dragon statue lady dragon statue close up lady dragon statue cast off lady dragon statue inventory Lady dragon rear view lady dragon lady dragon lady dragon lady dragon lady dragon lady dragon


3D Modeling on the Lady Dragon statue
New Horn Dress design on the statue
Factory experimenting with a bronze look on the base

31 Responses to Lady Dragon Statue

  1. Bruce Furgason says:

    Lady Dragon looks GREAT! I certainly hope to be on the short list to get a copy. Your work never ceases to AMAZE me! You make it look so simple…..

    • Wei says:

      Thank you Bruce. I’ll have more info as the statue progresses. It’s such a slow process. Very tough being a newbie in this area.

  2. Wayne H says:

    She’s looking pretty good, how tall is she w/the dragon base ?
    When do you plan on having the dress ready… will you be signing any for your fan’s ;-)
    Have you thought of getting A box made for her, like maybe a wood (crate) one, with her
    name burnt on it (Lady Dragon “2-winks”), in Chinese lettering maybe.
    So glad to hear an update, thx brother.. from your “perverted” LOL .. fan LOL :- P

    • Wei says:

      Hey Wayne, not sure about packaging yet. But you know it’s a resin kit right? So nothing fancy. I’ll have to look into getting some foams to hold all the pieces later. All that I’ll do once the resin kits are actually made. Don’t worry Wayne, I got one for you for sure. Nothing wrong with being a little perverted=). It’s part of my brand, haha.

      • Wayne H says:

        Thanks buddy, yea I know shes resin kit.. lol.. How tall is she & the Dragon base ?
        Details bro.. you still going to put limitation paperwork w/ her right..?
        Engrave the base maybe, or you could still put a plate w/her, if you wanted ?
        Most of the kits I’ve seen has a art card, showing it finished, are looking to do the same ?
        Your fan & friend,

        • Wei says:

          Hi Wayne, this is brand new territory for me so thanks for advising me on what others do. I suppose it would be a good idea to have some kind of certification. Every thing just adds more cost to it. But since there’s no way for me to recoup my cost on this one, it’s no longer a deterrent, haha=). If nothing else, I’ll make it just for you.

          A plate would be kind of cool. My wife just got one of these automatic cutting machines that can also do engravings. That would be cool.

          Oh, the size, the Lady Dragon statue from head to toe is about 12 inches. Base is another inch and a half or so.

          Thanks for the heads up. -Wei

  3. Wayne H says:

    Hay Wei,
    Hope Mothers day went well and was good =)
    I like the great deals you’ve been offering to your fan’s and friends “Thx !”
    Those statues are very nice and a great price “two thumbs up” = D

    Your friend & fan,
    Wayne H

    • Wei says:

      Thanks Wayne. I try my best with the prices. -Wei

    • Wayne H says:

      Hay Wei,
      Glad to hear.. the new year was a good one for you, other than being sick.
      Erick, kicks butt & rocks, glad to hear he hooked you up, did you know he teaches classes too (how to be a master sculpture) well haha.. maybe not as a master like him, but a very good sculpture artist, after you take his class !
      Erick is a great guy, he singed one of his peaces for me, its a very limited peace so I asked.. he didn’t hesitate and went out of his way for a fan like my self, wished more sculpture artists were like that !
      Sorry Wei, been down.. see my thread on SF.. if your confused.. it should clear up some Q/A’s you may have any.
      Hold on to a dragon lady statue for me once you start getting them in :-D

      • Wei says:

        Hey Wayne, yeah, I really mean it that my statue is possible because of Erick Sosa. He’s very open about helping others, which is rare these days as most professional want to keep it within their circle. Whatever comes of my statue, I owe him for it. Though I am making resin kits of the Lady Dragon and not a pre-painted statue. The kits are in the works and I’ll definitely post about it when I get more news on it.

        Yeah, I know Erick teaches some online courses I think. It’s tough for me to take classes with my kind of schedule. Nothing is easy anymore when you have young kids running around the house=).

        Thanks for the note and hope to have news for you soon! -Wei

  4. Wayne H says:

    Glad I could be of help, like I said.. I’m more than happy to spread the word of LD,
    soon, you’ll have awesome news… just waiting… eagerly awaiting =D
    Hope you and your family are well, glad to see your hard at work & the updates you provide us !

  5. J says:

    Any thoughts for a special limited edition statue (at, of course, a higher cost..wink, wink) which would have the colors that you showed in your article – “3D Modeling on the Lady Dragon Resin Statue” for the dragon?

    Personally, I am all for the “traditional Chinese dragon design”. I can’t (and won’t) speak for others, but I know what I like about your art is that you envisioned your cultural heritage in your own mind’s eye and showed it to the world. To me, it was a fresh (and new) look I hadn’t seen before; along with characters I never would have thought of (or had ever heard before). As far as I’m concerned, If you want to know what sets you apart from the rest of the crowd is the fact that you had your own ideas about Chinese Mythology and ran with it. I don’t know a great deal about Chinese Mythology, but I know I enjoyed seeing your work (and your concepts). It never felt (to me) that you were conforming to any set standard; yet you kept enough Asian influences to show me where the characters and elements were grounded in (…which were in your own personal interests and in the Chinese Mythology..what with your colors and the style you presented). Just some thoughts from an admirer. (@^_^@)

    • Wei says:

      Thanks Jay, I can always revisit it and issue variations. But it would be a pretty drastic variation. But doable. I need to get this one out of the gate first. then hopefully things will go smoother. There’s so much stuff I want to do. I’m thinking about a Lady Dragon Bust as well. Actually did some sketches on it. I might post those in the future. But too early right now.

      Glad you like the content, -Wei

  6. Wayne H says:

    Hello me friend,
    You know, you made me think of Olivia art every time I get an update from you LOL
    your getting as good as her in some aspects “wink..wink..”
    Today 4/17/12, I had to reply to some fan’s waiting for LD to be released, I told them your
    not going w/ resin at this time and she’s going to be 1/6th scale and she’ll be limited to a few hundred peaces !
    One fan asked why you changed colors of your Dragon, any reason, some have felt you have changed several things to her, any reasons for the changes Wei ?
    The changes are fine to me, I’m just keeping my hopes at bay tell she comes out =)
    Um, you have any way of letting me know early, once you get her, I’ll post for you, if you wish =) and help you sale her = – P

    Always a fan & friend,

    • Wei says:

      Hi Wayne, well, maybe in 20 years I’ll be as good as her=). It’s pretty tough to develop an art style that is unique and captivating. I think my art is rather bland, but that is a result of a lack of actually doing. That’s why I started this blog, to start drawing and creating art again. Then see where it goes. Styles comes from actually doing. It’s like soul searching, you hope to find it one day.

      The Lady Dragon when through a lot of changes. The colors were changed to make it feel more modern. The previous colors look more like a Oriental ornament=).

      My next one, the Red Assassin, should be pretty cool. I’ve put that one hold for now as I’m developing this blog. Once the Lady Dragon is on it’s final stretch of production, then I will continue on the Red Assassin and get that going so that the line can continue without too long of a pause.

      Oh, I hope I didn’t miss any of your comments, but this blog is being spammed a lot of the comments are going straight into the trash. I hope I didn’t miss some real ones.

      Thanks, -Wei

      • Wayne H says:

        Na.. you haven’t missed any real seamy comments, Wei, but
        I’ll sure try once I get a chance =) & =P

        Keep me/us updated on LD plz =)

  7. Wayne H says:

    Happy Easter to your family Wei =)

  8. Wayne H says:

    Any updates, Wei ?
    Happy “April Fools ” day !!

  9. Wayne H says:

    Hay Wei, I’m glad to hear Dragon Lady will still be coming out this yr.. probably last Qr ?

    That’s cool to know how the manufacturing works, it makes it a bit easier knowing ! =)
    “I bet Dragon Lady will be a hit !!” =)

  10. Wayne H says: … I thought Yamato was doing the hole production of her ?
    So is she getting delayed a great amount of time….. or just a bit (?),
    I hope its not like 2013 “release date” = – (
    Resin or PVC does Yamato charge the same for ether one ?,
    I would think resin cost more than pvc..boxing for resin may be cheaper ??

    • Wei says:

      Hey Wayne, it should be this year. They’re handling the production end of this.

      PVC and resin is a totally different manufacturing process. Resin you can make smaller runs, like even 100 if you like. For PVC, the mold is very expensive. I’ve been told that you would need to make an edition of at least 3000 to recoup our cost. I’m not there yet=). Who knows, if the Lady Dragon resin goes well and the demand is good, PVC is always an option. But I probably see that down the road as I get more resin statues out. Hopefully.

  11. Wayne H says:

    What’s the statue going to made out of, Resin / PVC ?
    Are the clothes going to be made out of the same material as the statue ?
    ** For those who don’t know..Cloth or PVC / Resin can be used **
    What type boxing are you going to use w/ this statue, Wood / Cardboard / manufactured (presentation type) ?
    ** For those who don’t know..manufactured / presentation type,
    its pics of the statue on the box and a window (clear plastic) to view the statue **


    • Wei says:

      Those are all details that needs to be worked out once it goes into production. There’s some delays on finding a factory, so things are not progressing as fast as I like. But on the box, most resin statues are sandwiched in form in one shape or another, so you wouldn’t be able to see through it. Therefore, it’s just a box with design on it.

  12. SANG PHAM says:

    This statue looks amazing.. Will be interested in one. Do you happen to know how much this cost when it comes out? And how tall will it be?

    • Wei says:

      Hi, the LD will be about 12 and a half inches tall. Price, not sure yet, but it won’t be that expensive compared to what’s out there right now. It’ll be under $200 for sure. Just not sure how much. Once it’s in production by the factory, I will know, and we will have to decide on a price point. I’m hoping this will be available by middle of this year.

  13. Wayne H says:

    Are you getting her done with the dress as part of her cast-off
    (what’s Cast-off ?? for those that may ask ?) LOL .
    Eager to see the finished peace of Lady Dragon.

    Have a great day my friend !

    • Wei says:

      Cast-off means that it comes off on the figure, mainly clothing. Many of the anime figures have cast off features because those collectors are generally all perverts=). It’s a more complicated production since the pieces have fit better. But it’s a real advantage of having that cast-off ability because it does increase sales.

      • Shiroi Akuma says:

        I don’t think it’s because they are perverts. Artists like to have cast of features to see more details as reference. So they can study those figures to understand the complexity of human shapes. But that’s my opinion.

  14. Wei says:

    Thanks Wayne!

    By the way, I’m having to redesign the Lady Dragon’s dress. The factory is having too much problems with the current design. That’s the bad news. The good news is that the new design I’m working is much better! It’s wicked. You’ll see. I’ll post images when I get it done. Looking forward to show this. -Wei

  15. Wayne H says:

    Glad to hear she’s coming along.. that’s sad her original dress will be to thin, I hope you’ll be able to keep the same color theme tho.. to bad you couldn’t have it a bit thicker, its a nice design. =)